The Art of Calm: Relaxation Through the Five Senses

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Based on years of experience, author, speaker and renowned stress management expert Brian Luke Seaward wrote The Art of Calm, a compendium of practical and powerful ways to bring a sense of peace into our lives almost instantaneously. With more and more of us seeking solace by visiting spas, practicing yoga or taking herbal supplements like kava, this simple yet effective book about how to be calm is a perfect companion to refer to at any given stressful moment during our busy days. Each calming tip is conveniently organized into the various senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing as well as the divine sense. At any time during the day, turn to a page and practice a particular calming method. From practical to playful, sensuous to sublime, each idea is doable and eloquently written. By practicing an idea every day, this book will help identify and deal with life's stressors and establish healthy, calming routines to help stay focused on our goals. In this dynamic exploration into the calming effect of turning in to our five senses and the divine sense, noted stress-reduction expert Brian Luke Seaward sets you on the path to living a life of serene fulfillment. Through simple yet powerful suggestions you will be consciously reminded to live in the present moment and relax: smell the fragrant aroma of a lavender sachet; go barefoot and feel the soft green grass between your toes; savor the taste of succulent strawberries dipped in chocolate; watch a flock of geese take flight; listen to the gentle sound of raindrops on a windowpane; and feel the presence of the divine as you explore your own creativity. By slowing down to enjoy life’s subtle treasures, your cares and worries will fall back into their proper perspective and you will discover delight in even everyday routines.
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