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Your Personalized Quit Smoking Tool!
The QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer is your key to a smoke-free life. This handheld computer creates a personalized gradual reduction program to help you kick cigarettes once and for all. Developed and proven effective with studies funded with grants from the United States National Institute of Health, the QuitKey has improved algorithms that make it easier than before to kick the habit. Smaller than the competition, this computer is designed to be carried on a keychain for discreet assistance as you take steps to improve your life and kick the addiction. Also, for even greater privacy, the QuitKey allows you to adjust the volume so you can keep your stop-smoking program to yourself.

Product Details:
QuitKey alters your smoking routine and eases you off cigarettes gradually. QuitKey reminds you when to smoke and when not to smoke. Step by step. Hour by hour. One day at a time. The QuitKey approach to quit smoking culminates 20 years of research. It was developed and proven effective with grants from the National Institutes of Health and builds on the enormous success of LifeSign, a first generation smoking cessation computer that uses the same gradual reduction technology. QuitKey works in two stages. Stage 1 (7 days): You smoke at your normal rate and use the QuitKey smoke button to record every cigarette you smoke. QuitKey uses this information to form your personal quit plan. Stage 2 (14 to 34 days): QuitKey helps you follow your quit plan by prompting you when to smoke. Each day you smoke less and gradually reduce you nicotine dependence while preparing yourself to quit for good.

How QuitKey Works:
The QuitKey computer is designed to alter your smoking routine and ease you off cigarettes in a gradual, step-down process. The discreet, handheld computer reminds you when to smoke and when not to smoke, step-by-step, hour-by-hour, one day at a time. Designed to work in two stages, QuitKey will create a personalized quit plan based on your regular smoking routine. The first stage lasts seven days. During this stage you smoke at your normal rate and use the QuitKey smoke button to record every cigarette you smoke. QuitKey compiles this data and uses the information to built a personalized quit plan. Stage 2 follows immediately and can last from 14 to 34 days, depending on the data compiled during Stage 1. During Stage 2, QuitKey helps you follow your quit plan by prompting you when to smoke. Each day you will smoke less and gradually reduce your nicotine dependence. With this gradual, step-down method you're preparing yourself to quit cigarettes for good, drug-free and without chemical-induced side effects.

The QuitKey FAQs:
Quitting smoking can be a daunting prospect. Many have tried and failed, or tried only to return to cigarettes a few months, or even years, later. But don't give up, there is a smoking cessation program out there for everyone, and QuitKey has been proven as an effective way to kick the habit. Here are the answers to a variety of frequently asked questions about QuitKey and smoking cessation in general.

Will I Gain Weight:
Nicotine changes your metabolism -- the rate at which your body burns calories -- so quitting actually changes your metabolism back to "normal." If you are concerned about weight gain, simply try to limit your intake of high fat food and increase your activity level. Light exercise, such as walking, will not only help prevent unwanted weight gain, but it will also help you deal more effectively with the stress caused by quitting smoking. Try taking a short, brisk walk during the times when you used to enjoy a tobacco break.

What if I have finished the program and I start smoking again?
It is not easy to quit smoking. Some people need a second or even a third chance. You also might like to know that for most people, quitting smoking is like learning to ride a bike -- you don't just hop on and ride like a champion. It takes time and a little practice. Most people try to quit smoking at least once before they truly quit for good. You just had your practice, so don't give up, try again. The important thing is to not view each attempt as a failure, rather you should see each attempt as a step on the path towards success.

What if I cheat?
The process of quitting tobacco involves learning how to cope with the inevitable urges. When the urge comes along QuitKey recommends that you try one of the following techniques: drink a glass of water, call a friend, or take a walk. Your likelihood of success is much greater if you follow the program QuitKey has designed just for you. If you absolutely can't wait for the next tobacco prompt, be sure to press the Smoke button as soon as you light up. QuitKey will take this "cheat" into consideration and adjust the program if necessary.

What if I work and can't take a break when I am prompted?
Most people work and cannot take a tobacco break whenever they want, so QuitKey has a built-in mechanism that allows your program to stop and wait for you. However, QuitKey does advise that you smoke as close to the beep prompt as you can, and that when you do get a chance to smoke you should avoid making it a pleasurable activity. Don't combine smoking with drinking coffee, chatting with friends, or talking on the phone. Just take your break, smoke, and go back to your regular routine.

How long does it take to get the nicotine out of my body?
The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors, some of which you control. When going through the withdrawals of nicotine dependence, you should drink plenty of water to help flush toxins out of your body. Other handy tips include eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and getting regular exercise. These extra steps will hasten the removal of nicotine from your body.

What's in the box?
QuitKey computer, QuitKey program guide, and "21 Best Kept Secrets of Successful Quitters" audio CD.


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