About Us

Who We Are
PICS, Inc. was founded in March 1984 by Al Behar and owes its growth to an ever-increasing group of very talented individuals. As a health behavior technology company, PICS, Inc. is dedicated to developing superior products that address health behaviors such as tobacco cessation, healthy diet and adequate exercise, and insomnia, which are concerns for a large majority of the population worldwide.

Management of these health behaviors is critical to the control and prevention of addictions, cancer, heart disease, and numerous other medical conditions. The products of PICS are targeted to both the consumer and professional markets and are available as standalone behavioral interventions or as complements to the efforts of health care providers.

To build an elite, enduring organization, characterized by the highest ethical standards and based on talented and highly motivated people who work together seamlessly to dramatically improve the health of the world's people.

To create a lasting competitive advantage by building products that combine applied science and technology to help individuals live longer, healthier lives. Our products take a form that facilitates rapid and effective dissemination so as to have a major impact on public health.

Our Products
To date, PICS has received over 50 grants from various institutes of NIH, which in part funded the development of: SleepKey, a product to treat insomnia; QuitKey, a tobacco cessation product; and DietMate, a comprehensive diet and exercise product family for weight, cholesterol, and hypertension control. PICS has an active research and development program with work in behavioral self-monitoring, medication adherence, and insomnia, in addition to our core areas of tobacco, diet, and exercise. PICS has over 20 years of experience in computerized applications to assess and change behaviors that improve health. Prior to the advent of multipurpose hand-held computer systems and wireless communication systems, PICS engineered its own proprietary hand-held units to perform insomnia treatment, tobacco cessation, and dietary/exercise modification. With the increasingly widespread availability of hand-held computer systems and wireless or synchronous interactivity with the internet, PICS has shifted its development focus to these platforms to deliver powerful and comprehensive applications to monitor and change health behaviors.

Worldwide Consumer Market
PICS combines palm size computing with clinically tested behavior modification techniques to produce the most cost-effective self-help health related products available today. PICS has successfully utilized a variety of consumer marketing channels including direct response, retail, and business-to-business marketing to reach its target audience. In addition, PICS distributes products through Insurance Companies, Online Merchants, and it's own worldwide affiliate network. PICS’ international markets include North and South America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and Asia.

Professional Market
PICS utilizes a combination of its hand-held computer platforms and proprietary Windows-based software to target four professional communities:

  • Drug Evaluation and Development Scientists
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Behavioral Scientists
  • Market Researchers

Each of these groups can benefit enormously from the unparalleled data collection and analysis that PICS offers. This allows the professional community to evaluate users and modify the program for specific users or groups of users.

Proprietary Position
With over 20 years in the market, PICS has built powerful intellectual property protection that has deterred others from infringing on its products. Strong patents and trademarks continue to protect PICS’ products. In addition, PICS has continually invested the time and capital necessary to establish claims based on scientific studies validating product efficacy. This has helped PICS to accrue major equity in the LifeSign and DietMate brand names, which are supported by a customer database of over one million users, over 1500 major corporate customers, and an international distribution network.